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Default Is he faithful or is he lying?

My husband has been a truck driver since the beginning of March. I supported him all the way. We were having financial problems... Well he started this job in Tracy Ca we live in Patterson Ca 20 minutes from the yard. He goes back and forth to LA and the Bay Area. He was working with a good friend and when he's with this friend he acts all macho. He's the man!!! Well I would go through his phone from time to time and see text msgs about lot lizards and the signals truckers use for a lot lizard. And he would say sorry I'm just joking . Your married stupid... Stop joking like that!!! He kept on. Well a few ago was his friends last run and my husband texts his friend to meet him at castaic truck stop and look for her? I asked who is her and he said he was joking around because they never actually saw a lot lizard and he's telling his friend to look for her( a lot lizard) . His friend did not reply laughing or lol or jokingly. He didn't comment at all. So he says he was joking. And he is sticking to it. Everytime I ask him are you cheating he gets defensive and yells and turns it around on me. But everytime we are together all he wants is sex or oral pleasure. That's it. No converstaion just give me head. That's our marriage fight all the time and he turns everything around on me. And he's always on his phone but rarely calls or talks to me. When he's home he's bitchy or sleep. What's going on?ImageUploadedByTapatalk1413796936.890901.jpgtheres the text msg my husband is the blue.

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