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“Small classes, one on one training, flexible schedules, skilled instructors, great equipment.”-Advance Driving School

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Rates start at $85/hour.

Are there different programs based on experience level (ex. What if I have been exposed to some of the training already through my cousin? Is there an advanced course for me?) and cost? If so, describe:

Yes, there is a super session for 196 hrs, an advanced class for 160 hrs or a refresher course for 60 hrs

Are there different programs based on my previous job? (ex. What if I am a vet?) and what’s the cost? If so, describe:


What’s the length of the CDL program? If there is an advanced option, how long would that be?

196 hours for regular course and 160 hrs for advanced course

Does the school provide financial aid?


If yes, how long will it be before I am required to begin making payments after graduation? And how big/how frequent the payments are? If it’s a company school, how long do you have to work for them? And what is the company policy on paying them back if I don’t fulfill the obligation to them?

Tuition is for unemployed, military vets, or people with mental or physical disability. If you apply you may be qualified for a full grant meaning there is no payments required.

What’s the average student to trainer ratio?

As low as 1:1


How would I be training for my road test? What type of tractor (day cab or sleeper), and what type of trailer do you provide (how long?)? How maneuverable is that?

10 speed truck

Does the school let you use their equipment for the road test?


Any 1:1 instruction time?


How much practice time (hours/days) do you get backing up the truck?

specific to users needs

How much practice time (hours) do you get on the road?

specific to users needs

Temporary housing options provided?

No temporary housing available.

If the school doesn’t provide any accommodation, can you recommend a place where I’d be staying and cost?

Local Hotels $68-$139/night

Do you provide food stamps, or any food options at all?


Where people at the school usually dine at? Or how do they take care of their meals? Only fast foods or is there a grocery store around?

Personal Dining

Does the school cover travel expenses to and from the school?


Does the school provide a job placement program?


If yes, which companies are affiliated or frequently contact the school?

No affiliations

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209 939-9494

School Type

Independent/Private CDL Training School


315 W Fyffe St, Stockton, CA 95203