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34-Hour Restart Rule Will Remain Unchanged

After two years of monitoring the effects of the 34-hour restart on drivers, the Department of Transportation released their study revealing that the 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. provision and once-per- ... Read More »

Our Highest Earner In 2016 Made $85,267.82, What’s the Secret to His Success? Longevity!

What’s Gained With Longevity?   Scheduled Raises!  Since this drivers hire date of 4/1/2008, this driver has received 16 CPM in raises.  That’s $400 weekly! &nbs ... Read More »

National Carriers' Drivers Reach Milestones: Five-Year Safe Driving & One Million Miles Accident Free

              5-Year Safe Driving Recognition                               ... Read More »

Oklahoma Resident Named November 2016's Driver of the Month

              Best of the “Elite” Fleet NamedIrving, TX - Kevin Gulley was named November 2016 Driver of the Month for National Carri ... Read More »

The 10 Most Congested Highways for Truck Drivers

There are a few things in life that is universally hated; nobody likes getting a paper cut, losing your wallet, getting your socks wet, or sitting in traffic. But for truck drivers, tra ... Read More »

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