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HOS Rules Cost Drivers Billions in Wages

By Kevin Scullin, Product Manager, DAT Solutions The hours-of-service rules that went into place in 2013 hurt trucking companies economically. The HOS rules reduced fleet productivity&n ... Read More »

6 Things Freight Brokers Love and Hate

By Mark Montague, Industry Rate Analyst, DAT Solutions Every call you make about a load is a potential negotiation. Knowing what brokers love and hate goes a long way in determining how succ ... Read More »

Is Payment Per Mile Outdated and Dangerous?

It’s no secret that the trucking industry is facing a very real issue with its shortage of drivers; the currently estimated shortage of 35,000 drivers is expected to balloon up to 240, ... Read More »

The Elite of the "Elite" Fleet are Named Outstanding Professional Drivers

National Carriers, Inc. has named Ricky Born as Driver of the Month for March 2015. He is a resident of Dade City, Florida and began driving for National Carriers in February of 2013. Born o ... Read More »

At Mawson and Mawson, We Care About Our Drivers

We've asked some of our drivers what they liked most about working for Mawson and Mawson. Here's what they had to say...Chris Lindsey: "I've been driving for Mawson for the past two years. I ... Read More »

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