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Hear from Mawson and Mawson Drivers

We've asked some of our drivers what they liked most about working for Mawson and Mawson. Here's what they had to say...Carl Morgan: "It's been a good, decent company to work for. Always had ... Read More »

Tired of Sitting? Mawson & Mawson will Keep You Moving.

Mawson and Mawson is always looking for professional drivers to join our winning team. If you want to increase revenue, Mawson and Mawson is the place for you. Our dedicated staff ... Read More »

The Company that Understands “Freedom Isn’t Free”

I am an American Soldier who gladly served 20 years in the Army and participated in five combat tours. I am writing this to help people understand how amazing it is when a company ... Read More »

Highway Trust Fund: Trucking vs. Rail

The Highway Trust Fund, which is set to run out of money on May 31, has brewed an argument between the trucking industry and the railway industry on some of the proposed wording on the new ... Read More »

National Carriers Announces Four Million Mile Safe Driving Award

     National Carriers, Inc. has recently awarded Buddy Haston a Four Million Mile Safe Driving award. Haston has driven safely without accident or incident during the past 24 ... Read More »

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