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There are over 2,610 drivers in Alaska. The highest paid truck driver earn between $52,290 and $79,440, or more. The highest paying areas are Anchorage, Fairbanks, and the Railbelt-Southwest Alaska.

The drivers of Alaska say


  • The top paying state for truckers.
  • Alaska does not have a state income tax
  • Different HOS rules, drivers can drive 15 hours within 20 hours


  • The most dangerous state to drive in. Low visibility and icy roads. Ridiculously cold in the winter.
  • Being in remote locations, there isn't much to do on your down time. May not even have reception

Tips to New Drivers

  • Drive slowly and keep an eye on the road conditions.
  • Make sure to bundle up and that you have a way to stay warm in your truck

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1 | "Be Careful - bad road conditions" Nov 2016

Donald L - 4 years


They pay by the hour and not by miles


Cold weather, being in remote locations, and truck snobs


Be careful, people can be stupid on the road and the road conditions are often bad.

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