Women In Trucking drivers included in FMCSA Safe Driver Poster

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was created in 2000 with the goal to reduce crashes injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.   If you’ve visited their offices in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) building in Washington DC you might have noticed a poster depicting accident victims who died in commercial vehicle crashes. The poster was presented in 2009 from the Truck Safety Coalition an organization representing three safety advocacy groups that focus on truck safety issues.

The trucking industry led by the American Trucking Associations Inc. (ATA) approached the U.S. DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to suggest a more positive depiction of the industry. The idea of a commercial motor vehicle safe driver recognition poster was suggested and the FMCSA agreed to consider the proposal.

The ATA along with The American Bus Association United Motorcoach Association Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association National Private Truck Council American Moving & Storage Association and the Women In Trucking Association Inc. (WIT)  joined forces to create a Safe Driver Recognition Poster. 

The criteria to be considered was stringent and was based on miles driven years of experience crash free history and adherence to FMCSA regulations. Drivers must hold a valid commercial drivers license without any recent suspensions or out of service violations. Each of the truck and bus related organizations submitted driver’s names along with their background information and photos.

 Women In Trucking Association provided more than two dozen potential drivers for consideration.  Both men and women’s names were submitted and their driving histories were examined and verified. Each driver was asked for approval to be depicted on the poster. The process took months to complete but the final design was a group effort and is dedicated to the professional truck and bus drivers who have achieved millions of accident free miles.

Acting FMCSA Administrator Scott Darling accepted the poster on behalf of the FMCSA on March 14 at their headquarters in Washington DC. 

The final poster includes 76 professional drivers for their years of accident free service.  Fourteen of the drivers on the poster are members of Women In Trucking Association. 

  • Felicia Berggren Werner Enterprises Inc.
  • Ingrid Brown Rollin B’ LLC
  • Linda Caffee Leased to Landstar System Inc.
  • Allyson Hay Walmart Transportation
  • Wyzeena Heeny Covenant Transport
  • Cindy Kaps Rocking Double K Inc.
  • Stephanie Klang XPO Logistics
  • Deb LaBree leased to Landstar System Inc.  
  • Carol Nixon Walmart Transportation
  • Dick Pingel Finally Trucking
  • Guadalupe Potter Bennett International Group
  • Goldie Seymour National Carriers
  • Dianne Shook J.B. Hunt  
  • Darla Williams Walmart Transportation 

Brown Hay Heeny Klang and Nixon are also members of the Women In Trucking Association’s Image Team.

ATA’s Vice President of Communications Sean McNally presented the poster to Darling.  “There are 4 million professional drivers on the road and these men and women are the pinnacle of their profession” said McNally. “We hope this will hang in the foyer so visitors and staff of FMCSA can be reminded that they have many safety partners here but none more important than our professional men and women who are behind the wheel of our trucks and buses” he added.

“Although women comprise less than six percent of the driver population the number included in this poster is significant and we are proud to highlight these amazing professional female drivers” said Ellen Voie WIT’s President & CEO. “We appreciate the opportunity to ensure that women are included and featured in this prominent display at the FMCSA headquarters” Voie added.

The poster will include the month and year it was presented to FMCSA and specify the time period for which the drivers are recognized. The poster will be updated and replaced annually by the industry organizations.

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