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Pat Hanson: A Driver in the Zone

Driving up in his normal fashion Pat Hanson looks like an everyday truck driver. However he is one of the most highly regarded members of the USF Glen Moore family. With 30 years of driving experience 13 of which have been with USF Glen Moore he knows what this game is all about. Recently Pat sat down and discussed his success life on the road and truck driving as a whole.

When asked who or what was his reason for getting into this industry Hanson regards and claims his father ?My father drove a truck for 40 years locally in Milwaukee WI. I would have to say he was my biggest influence.? His father may have gotten him into this industry but his longevity with USF Glen Moore can be attributed to the friendships that he has developed over the years. ?I have made many friends here not only with drivers but with office personnel too. It is just a great atmosphere here? says Hanson.

?If you want to drive you must have good support at home from your family? says Hanson. He gets home about every 14 days and much of this time is spent with his family. ?I have three children from my first marriage the twins Kimberly and Patrick both 27 and Melissa 24? explains Hanson. Last year he got married to his new wife Jasmine. So far things are looking great. On top of family time Hanson also enjoys fishing and Packers football. ?Growing up in Wisconsin there isn?t much choice but to follow the Pack? a smiling Hanson remarks.

With any career there are ups and downs and Hanson explained some of these. ?Well a great thing about driving is there are no time clocks. You have your independence and can make the hours as you go as long as you get your load to its destination on time? explains Hanson. Of course everything can?t be a positive. Hanson mentions weather and inconsiderate drivers as some occupational downfalls but nothing is serious enough to keep him out of his truck.

A year ago USF Glen Moore showed their true dedication and compassion to Hanson after a tragic accident. Hanson and his then new bride Jasmine were on the road during a thunderstorm. While going through a construction stop the flagman waved them on not noticing an oncoming dump truck. There was a collision that knocked Hanson unconscious and engulfed the rig in flames. Jasmine escaped from the truck and ran to the driver?s side risking her own life to pull her husband from the burning wreck. A survey of the wreck produced dreary results for the newlyweds as all of their possesions had been destroyed. The couple returned to Carlisle PA and the USF Glen Moore terminal to find clothing toiletries money and much more. Of course not all of their belongings could be replaced. With the help of the USF Glen Moore family however they were in a much better position than previously expected.

Hanson has also done his share for USF Glen Moore. ?There have been a few times where I swapped loads to help them out? says Hanson. According to Jim Rich Executive Vice President Fleet Development ?You can really see the dedication with a guy like Pat. He is always dependable and does an all around great job.? This praise can also be seen in Hanson?s awards a 1995 Driver of the Month a stout million miler as well as 13 years of safe driving awards. ?Driving is a good career and if you treat it well it will treat you well in return? states Hanson.

As a member of the USF family Glen Moore operates a fleet of 1000 company-owned and Owner Operator tractors and is headquartered in Carlisle PA. If you are an experienced Owner-Operator or Company Driver looking for a great company that has it all look no further than USF Glen Moore. For more details call us at 888.468.3748 or visit us online at Get In The Driver Zone.

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