Twenty Five Years and Counting

By: Malone Powered by CRST

Birmingham AL – Truck driving runs in the family of CRST Malone Owner
Operator Dennis Terwilliger. He has followed in the footsteps of his
father grandfather and great-grandfather although he is the first
person in his family to own his own truck. This fourth generation
professional truck driver has been on the road for 25 years thirteen
of which have been with CRST Malone. Since 1992 when CRST Malone agent
Steve Emken helped him obtain a job with the company Terwilliger has
been proud to work for such a reputable name in the trucking industry.
In fact CRST Malone assisted him in making the down payment on his
first truck. He is currently on his third truck a 2005 Int?l Eagle
which is his first brand new truck.
Terwilliger thoroughly enjoys his job as an Owner Operator for CRST
Malone. He consistently gets great miles claiming ?Sometimes I have to
say ?Stop.? The miles are almost TOO good.? He also enjoys the
independence of driving his own truck. ?The opportunity to see many
different parts of the country along with meeting so many new people
is the best thing about driving a truck professionally? states
Terwilliger. At CRST Malone Terwilliger is treated like a
professional another factor that makes working for the company so
appealing. He has a great relationship with his dispatcher and if he
ever has a problem he can count on help to resolve it. ?I never argue
with a customer? says Terwilliger. ?If I have a problem I call the
company and they resolve it. They are good at taking care of things.?
CRST Malone helps out Terwilliger and in turn he lends a hand to the
company whenever he is needed.
Outside of work Terwilliger looks forward to the time he gets to spend
with his family. He goes home every other weekend so he is able to see
them somewhat frequently. His wife Layla rides with him from time to
time. He also has two sons Brett and Jason. Brett 23 is in the U.S.
Air Force and Jason is 22. Last but not least Lucky the
Terwilliger?s miniature poodle makes the family complete. Lucky loves
to ride on the truck too. He goes along any chance he gets.
Aside from spending time with his family Terwilliger also enjoys
several hobbies. He participates in NHRA drag racing and is even
building a car in his spare time. Another recreational activity he
takes part in is karate. One of his greatest achievements was winning
first place in a karate tournament. From drag racing to karate
Terwilliger certainly has a wide variety of interests that show he is a
well-rounded individual. CRST Malone is lucky to have such a quality
Owner Operator as Dennis Terwilliger. Sherry Bass Vice President of
Capacity Development shows her appreciation when she says ?I am so
pleased for Dennis. He is such a good example of a professional Owner
Operator. We are happy he is part of our team.? Terwilliger?s 25 years
as an Owner Operator have paid off. Not only has he received the
Million Miles of Safe Driving award but he enjoys working for CRST
Malone so much that he even referred his brother to the company.
Terwilliger?s dedication and loyalty are evident. ?A good relationship
is first? he claims. ?Once you have a good relationship with a
company why change?? Clearly Terwilliger anticipates a long
successful future with CRST Malone. How about another 25 years?
CRST Malone is headquartered in Birmingham Alabama and currently
partners with over 1600 Owner Operators running throughout the
contiguous United States. CRST Malone is 100% Owner Operator which
means steady freight and no competition with company trucks. For more
information about becoming a CRST Malone Owner Operator call
1-800-366-6361 or visit
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