Trucking Software Drives Full Speed Ahead into the 21st Century


Truck driving as a career is set to grow 21 percent over the next decade according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the job description is changing just as fast. Truckers today handle more than a steering wheel; they complete a multitude of tasks from managing driver logs and available hours to settlement reconciliations. Without computer software these tasks would be impossible which is why trucker software has become so advanced with features that let truckers focus more on the road and less on their books.

Accounting for Trucking Expenses

One of the most complex parts of truck driving is handling the business end of the job. This includes compiling reports for your tax accountant and figuring out your expenses break-even reports fuel costs and number of days on the road.

It’s incredibly challenging for any trucker to keep accurate records on all of these transactions while driving thousands of miles each week. Onboard computers are not practical enough because trying to enter receipt information into a spreadsheet is a big hassle that truckers would rather not experience.

The only answer is to enlist the services of professional business management software to do it for you. The most helpful and complete accounting software is QuickBooks by Intuit. It lets you keep your mind on the road and not on the growing pile of loose receipts in the dashboard.

With this software you scan receipts for simple expense tracking send invoices and even pay employees. It also works with your accountant so tax time is a breeze. Plus many other trucking software applications work in conjunction with QuickBooks.

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

The biggest improvement in trucking software is the ability to complete more tasks in one program. Gone are the days when you need to jump from spreadsheet to software or download additional plug-ins to track fuel expenses and miles. for instance tracks everything in one simple-to-learn system and it has a version for drivers owner/operators and fleet managers. You’ll stay within your legal driving hours even manage IFTA requirements for reporting hours and be able to track your business and monitor the flow of money.

It also manages your dispatching invoicing and trip-related expenses in a linear fashion allowing you to see how your business really works.

Brokers and Owner-Operators Big and Small

Trucking software is now far-reaching with versions for fleet managers and small operators running less than three trucks. Today trucking software can manage the large 1000-truck fleet or a small two-truck mom and pop operation. Some products include enterprise versions while others have different versions for each segment of the industry.

ITS Dispatch for instance offers a platform for carriers brokers and owner-operators (large and small). Many features are shared between carriers and smaller owner-operator outfits. The software manages expenses fuel generates IFTA reports and offers unlimited user accounts for both carriers and owner-operators. It also provides load confirmation customer rate agreements and integrates with Quickbooks which is ideal for brokers owner-operators and carriers.

Many software companies also offer free training and support along with online help accessible right from the cab of your truck. So you are never alone when you need a question answered.

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