Trucking Regulations: What’s New in 2015?


Happy 2015 from! Many of us made resolutions to eat healthy save money and exercise more. But did you know that the trucking industry also made some resolutions? Here are a few new regulations that will take effect this year.

  • Congress has suspended the 34-hour restart rule until September 2015. Drivers no longer have to include two consecutive periods of off duty between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. in order to reset their weekly clock.
  • The DOT plans to move forward with its plan to require speed limiters in all trucks. The law could take effect as early as April.
  • The FMCSA has redacted the requirement that drivers must always file inspection reports even when their vehicle does not have defects or deficiencies. This eliminates daily paperwork and saves the trucking industry an estimated $1.7 billion annually.
  • Whether it’s a self-employed trucker or a nationwide company drivers will face higher health insurance costs in 2015 due to common lifestyle choices.
  • Though the number was thought to drop to 25% to match other transportation sectors the FMCSA will continue randomly drug testing at least 50% of drivers in 2015.

You can find even more of the trucking industry’s New Year’s Resolutions in the DOT’s December 2014 Rulemaking Report.

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