Top 5 Essentials that Should Be in the Truck Driver Video Game


Some gamers like to play as soldiers and snipe the bad guys. Others like to play as a fat plumber who jumps on turtles. But would gamers like to be a truck driver?

We’re about to find out. There’s a new video game about to release, and its descriptive title is Truck Driver.

This PS4, PC, and Xbox One game will provide players with a small taste of what life is like as a truck driver. Specifically, gamers will take on the role of a person who recently inherited a big rig from an uncle.

Wanting to make their uncle proud, the player will become an owner-operator and take their semi-truck on the road to advance in the trucking industry. One haul at a time.

Some gameplay tasks include using mirrors to maneuver, unhooking trucks in targeted areas, and picking jobs.

Virtual truckers that do well earn respect in the local community. And the stronger those relationships get, the better the available hauls and rewards. Credit earned along the way can even be used to alter and enhance the rig.

Truck Driver, made by SOEDESCO, is set to launch November 11, 2019. But what does Class A Drivers want to see from the game? Read on for our ideas.

1. A Steering Wheel Controller

Sure, you can use the regular controller to look around and maneuver. And you’ll probably be able to use a mouse and a keyboard on the PC version of the game.

But real truckers know that there’s no feeling quite like getting behind the steering wheel of an 18-wheeler. Having your hands at 9 and 3 feels way better when you’re moving an actual wheel, rather than trying to manipulate the analog stick of a controller.

Give gamers the chance to feel like they’re in the seat of a rig, not just the seat of their couch.

2. Online Multiplayer

Online play is all the rage nowadays. So why not allow gamers to drive with and interact with other drivers on the road?

SOEDESCO boasts an “open world” in TruckDriver, but does that mean other player-controlled trucks are in the game world? Maybe you can even team drive co-op with a friend.

And what about a mode where gamer truck drivers have to contact online dispatcher players to get their assignments? At least offer it as DLC…

3. Road Sign Awareness

Truck Driver includes a lot of gorgeous scenes along your routes. This aspect of the game makes it very relaxing.

But some challenge can be added to the game with road signs. Part of any good trucker’s day is reading and paying attention to road signs. But what about road signs that seemingly come out of nowhere or are partially obscured by trees or bushes?

The game can test how well you can read road signs and how well you can pay attention. And these signs should be used to determine which route is best, and the player can be rewarded for choosing the optimal routes.

5. Resting Periods

Video games can be addicting. In fact, the WHO now recognizes this addiction as a true disorder. So just as in trucking, rest is important.

Maybe gamers can be rewarded for following the Hours of Service regulations. The game can even act as their personal ELD.

If the gamer plans their routes around mandatory breaks, they can get bonus points. Triple bonus points if they manage to find a place to park before they go off-duty.

5. Challenge Mode: Four-Wheelers

During an average day of hauling, truckers encounter all sorts of drivers. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

More advanced missions should include the worst of the worst when it comes to drivers. Phone texters, inebriated drivers, and even the guy trying to shave while on the highway.

Each distraction should have its own distinguishable trademark too. For example, if someone with road rage is following you too closely, you could get a special bonus meter that measures your frustration. If you don’t give in to the rage, you get rewarded with an extra bonus at the next truck stop.

These are just our suggestions for the new Truck Driver video game. What do you want to see? Let us know in our forums.