Top 5 Easy Food Choices for Staying Healthy on the Road


Watching your calories and eating healthy food is a challenge for drivers since you’re not going to be able to stop at all the healthy eateries you see along the road if you see any at all. If you want to stay healthy you’re going to have to make an extra effort.

A Trucker’s Best Friend
If your rig has the room for it get yourself a mini fridge or at least a small cooler that you can add ice packs to keep food cool. It will provide you with space to store all of the perishable foods you’re going to load up on so you don’t have to rely on truck stop food choices.

Truck-Dining the Healthy Way
Spending all day on the road can work up an appetite and you may be starving if you haven’t eaten anything the entire day. But the key to eating healthy on the road is actually snacking and eating small amounts throughout the day instead of loading up one or two times.

Some people love to eat when they’re bored so snacking on the road can give you something to do and stop you from being super hungry when you pull in at the truck stop. You won’t be quite as tempted to eat that greasy burger and fries since you ate healthy snacks all day.

But what should you eat? Here are the top 5 easy food choices for staying healthy on the road:

Nuts — This should be just one snack in your day and it should be a small one like one or two handfuls a day. If you feel a bit tired and drowsy eating nuts will actually help to wake you up. Their crunchy texture will get your mouth working while the vitamin B12 will get your metabolism working producing more energy plus they have protein which will keep hunger away for longer than other snacks. Keep an eye on the salt though getting unsalted or lightly salted is way better for you.

Yogurt — If you make a stop every few hours get yourself a yogurt but stay away from varieties that have too much sugar; ideally no more than 12 grams of sugar commonly found in “lite” yogurt varieties. Greek yogurt has much more protein than normal yogurt and can be found with little to no fat at all. It’s surprisingly filling and will keep your muscles fueled.

Sandwiches – Sandwiches provide a road-friendly meal and there are tons of options to choose from so you aren’t eating the same thing every day. You’ve got tuna peanut butter turkey ham chicken breast cheese and the list goes on. If possible try to use 100% whole wheat bread instead of white bread which can spike your blood sugar quickly making you feel drowsy soon after. Keep the condiments like mayo and BBQ sauce to a minimum; they add empty calories or too much fat. A healthy sandwich can contain fewer than 200 calories but still fill you up nicely!

Veggie Sticks — When hitting the road vegetables are going to be your best friend. You won’t be able to eat a salad while driving but you can snack on celery carrot cucumber jicama bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. You can buy pre-made veggie platters at the grocery store or make your own it’s pretty easy. Keep them in the fridge if you can and eat them plain or dip them in low-fat salad dressing. These snacks will keep you munching all day long full of vitamins and nutrients and they’re incredibly low in calories. You can never eat too many vegetables so go for it!

Chicken Tenders — Hungry for some meat? Grill yourself up a chicken breast before you head out on the road and slice it into strips. Dress it with a bit of hot sauce or low-calorie BBQ sauce and enjoy eating them with a fork (or your fingers) while on the road.

See you can enjoy healthy food no matter where you are! You’d be amazed at how healthy you can be if you buy more of your own healthy food rather than eating what they serve at the truck stop!

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