This Week in the Trucking Industry


The Department of Transportation has proposed the rule to require the use of speed limiters on trucks. The rule will require the use of “governors” or speed limiters on trucks over 26000 pounds. If passed by the DOT and then the White house the regulation should take effect in early 2015.

Additional trucking groups have requested that Department of Transportation head Anthony Foxx remove carriers’ compliance safety and accountability rankings from public databases. The groups claim that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses data with “statistical flaws” to produce their Safety Measurement System rankings. The Alliance for Safety Efficient and Competitive Truck Transportation the National Association of Small Trucking Companies are among several organizations speaking out against the FMCSA. They join the American Trucking Association and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers’ Association who spoke out on similar issues less than a month ago.

A two mile stretch of Interstate 15 in Moapa County Nevada was destroyed by the tail end of a recent tropical storm last week. The area was flooded with as much rain in 60 minutes as Las Vegas gets in a year. In the state of Nevada 94% of manufactured goods are delivered by truck (compared to 69% nationally). Subsequent closures have resulted in millions of dollars of losses for regional trucking companies and their customers.

A California federal court ruled this week that a lawsuit brought by drivers against Wal-Mart Transportation will become a class-action lawsuit according to court proceedings. Between 1993 and now plaintiffs claim that they did not receive minimum wage and were denied meal and rest breaks while working for Wal-Mart. They also claimed that they did not receive proper pay stubs.

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