Team Trucking to the Rescue for Valentine’s Day


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Truck driving hasn’t been romanticized for a long time. This career has a reputation for rugged work, and there’s no hiding the fact that the 92-94% of the driver workforce is comprised of men.

When truck drivers talk about their primary challenges for the job, however, isolation and loneliness often top the list. And while Hallmark makes big bucks selling feel-good Valentine’s Day cards, the people hauling tons of Hallmark cards may not be as cheerful.

For many aspiring truck drivers, they may be interested in the freedom of the road, the lack of 9-to-5 office drudgery, and the recently-increasing paycheck. But living on the road – the isolation of the driver’s cab – might put them off from applying to earn their CDL.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Why not consider a career job, not only for yourself but also for your partner? Team driving.

Team driving allows two people to drive in a single truck, and unlike simply taking along a passenger, when two drivers alternate driving schedules, they can keep the truck moving almost 24/7. Because truck drivers are paid by the mile, this can be a very lucrative option for two drivers that mesh with this lifestyle.

Many people might assume they couldn’t stand being in such close proximity to any partner for such an extended time, but the key to team driving is the solution to this problem. Team drivers alternate schedules, so most of the time, your team driving partner is actually asleep. Driver couples get moments of quality time and companionship without the constant presence that can breed contempt.

The ability for a couple to save up money while living their life out of the cab is also one way to get ahead in this highly competitive economy. And the stories will last a lifetime.

If you think truck driving is a great career but aren’t sure if you can handle the isolation or time away from your partner, maybe consider turning this into a team effort.