Safer Roads for Truckers? New Technology Aims to Do Just That



Maneuvering a vehicle weighing 80000 pounds through city streets and highways is challenging enough as it is but with the added element of inattentive and often-times dangerous four-wheeler drivers weaving in and out of traffic truckers are placed in a hair-raisingly difficult situation.

Luckily for truckers the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking to introduce a new piece of technology that will soon make the roads much safer for all parties.

The NHTSA recently released a proposed rule that would require all new light vehicles to be equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle technology which would create a network of vehicles communicating to one another exchanging essential information to reduce traffic and prevent collisions.

By standardizing V2V communication the NHTSA projects with optimism that the technology will prevent hundreds of thousands of crashes and prevent over 1000 fatalities annually. The network of vehicles will know when to brake automatically or shift directions in order to avoid crashes.

“Assuming a final rule is issued in 2019 this would mean that the phase-in period would begin in 2021 and all vehicles subject to that final rule would be required to comply in 2023 NHTSA states.

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