Roehl Transport Honored for Innovative Approach to Safety

By: Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport Honored for Innovative Approach to Safety
Marshfield WI–Roehl Transport’s innovative approach to highway safety caught the eye of the trucking industry with a new approach to driving that if adopted by other carriers would make America’s motorists safer when they share the road with commercial motor vehicles.

Commercial Carrier Journal honored Roehl as one of the CCJ Innovators for 2010. The publication serves the trucking industry and each year selects eleven carriers from the over 500000 trucking companies in the US. CCJ Innovators have challenged the industry’s conventional operating procedures and demonstrated true innovation in some aspect of fleet management.

The honor is one of several that Roehl has received over the past few years for its distinctive safety culture which has produced the industry’s most consistent top safety record. The company emphasizes a values based approach to safety. It is this fundamentally different concept of driver and corporate responsibility that has achieved dramatic results. What we found especially noteworthy about Roehl’s safety culture said CCJ Editorial Director Avery Wise was the mindset that truck drivers share the road not with automobiles or ‘four-wheelers’ (the common industry jargon for cars) but with people. It sounds simple and yet it is a very powerful way to instill the appropriate values he added.

Safety is Roehl’s Cornerstone Value supported by everyone from management and customer service to drivers and maintenance. Roehl drivers practice what the company calls Protective Driving. This approach moves beyond the idea of defensive driving which sounds like it’s the truck driver against the other vehicles.  Instead Roehl drivers recognize that they should drive in a way that keeps everyone safe and make allowances for the mistakes others may make around them. Roehl drivers pride themselves on being Driven to Protect Others.

In recognizing companies like Roehl CCJ encourages other carriers to question their own practices and adopt some of the new ideas of the industry’s Innovators.

Roehl Transport is among the 100 largest truckload carriers in the nation and provides van flatbed and curtainside services throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2012.

For more information about this story please contact Greg Koepel Roehl Transport’s Vice President of Workforce Development and Administration at 800-826-8367.
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