Rising Diesel Prices Plague the Holiday Season

By: Classadrivers.com

The average American driver is finally seeing relief at the pump. National gas prices have remained under $3.00 per gallon for the last few weeks currently hovering around $2.80 per gallon. Almost every driver benefits from these lower prices of fuel. Truck drivers however are experiencing a different problem. National diesel prices have climbed to $3.60 per gallon.

This isn’t good news for truckers and carriers. The holiday season is near and the increase in consumer purchases means longer heavier hauls. If an average trucker drives 2500 miles in a week it equates to about $1500 in fuel costs. The colder weather doesn’t help matters either.  Truckers must leave their engine and heater on overnight to stay warm if staying in their truck.

Delivery of diesel fuel as well as weather often cause diesel prices to spike. The good news is that these factors are not forever and fuel prices will likely stabilize in the coming weeks.

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