Our Highest Earner In 2016 Made $85,267.82, What’s the Secret to His Success? Longevity!

By: K & B Transportation

What’s Gained With Longevity?


  • Scheduled Raises!  Since this drivers hire date of 4/1/2008 this driver has received 16 CPM in raises.  That’s $400 weekly!


  • Increased Miles!  You’re a proven commodity; known to do a good job this reflects with increased weekly miles!  Its no surprise that our top mileage guys are our longest-term drivers.  Remember when your always the new guy at a company you will never see the mileage benefits of a long term driver!


  • Constant Health Benefits!  Even a simple illness or injury can cost thousands of dollars without health insurance.  With constant job changes people find themselves without benefits for lengthy periods of time.  A simple office visit that would cost you $15 now costs you hundreds!


  • Newer Equipment!  Our long-term drivers oftentimes find themselves in our newest trucks with some in Western Stars!  Ask some of our long-term drivers how many new trucks they have received over their tenure here.


  • Paid Vacation!  Everyone wants time off and nothing is better than getting paid for it!   Tenured drivers have 3 weeks of vacation pay worth over 3 CPM!


  • Your Voice is Heard!  As a tenured driver you are a spokesman for our company.  We welcome the input of all drivers however as a tenured driver everyone knows you and with that familiarity your specific issues are addressed!


  • Financial Issues Go Away!  A typical job change costs a driver $3000 on average and that is if you go to work right away!  Every week sitting at home adds over a $1000 to the cost of changing jobs.  Whether your issues come from taking some time off a job that didn’t pay well or maybe just a bad choice of prior employer what you will find is that sticking with an employer committed to paying a fair wage and committed to weekly miles will solve those issues.  Our long-term drivers do not have financial issues.  They work hard and our commitment to them is a solid paycheck each and every week!


Here is a prime example:


If you were sitting in orientation 10 years ago today and were to continue to work here at only 2500 miles per week you are at $65000 per year.  Add in vacation pay accessory pay safety bonuses etc and now you are into the lower to mid $70’s and that’s for only 2500 miles per week!  Now lets say 10 years ago today you were in orientation here eventually leaving but now are returning as a rehire.  You have had 15 jobs over the last 10 years if you went from one job to another that costs you $45000 if you took 2 weeks off between each job those 15 job changes now cost you $75000.  Between seniority raises vacation pay and bonuses you are earning $225 ($11700 Yearly) less than the same driver that was in orientation with you 10 years ago.  When you add it all together constant job changes cost the company $2600 to replace you but when you add in differences in wages with the cost to change jobs it can easily cost you $100000 to change jobs over 10 years that’s 10 CPM if you run 1 million miles over ten years! 


All to many drivers change jobs only to go somewhere else with the same frustrations.  Driving truck is hard work with a large personal sacrifice with the time away from home.  All to often drivers cross paths when changing jobs meaning the reason a driver may leave here for something is also the same reason a driver leaves the company he is going to and coming here.   There is no perfect job yet many drivers continuously leave job after job looking for it. 


Don’t find yourself starting over at another carrier in ten years.  If your willing to commit yourself to us we will gladly commit to you!  As a driver you constantly have recruiters on the phone telling you how much better their job is but is it really?  If you find yourself sitting in our orientation room obviously what the prior recruiters told you must not have been what was promised.  MAKE TODAY THE FIRST STEP TO ESTABLISHING A CAREER WITH A COMPANY.  It is better to be one company’s great driver than many companies “former driver.”


Get Yourself A Career and Not Just Another Driving Job!  Call Recruiting at 800-851-8651 or visit www.drivekb.com

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