New Rules for Local Roads for Truck Drivers?


Truck drivers are used to route planning and finding which roads they can travel when making a haul. Low bridges, road closures, and more can prevent truck drives from taking a direct route.

But one story that can go overlooked is the use of side roads and residential roads. The use of these roads by big rigs can cause disruptions for residents, and many are pushing for new local ordinances and rules to limit truck drivers.

Let’s Look at Detroit

The topic of residential roads and truck driving came to light with a new Fox report. Trucking is an important part of Detroit’s economy, but recently truck driver Jesus Huerta has been hearing of complaints about the local roads he drives and parks on.

Detroit allows residents to park trucks on their own property. While this is something existing residents have gotten used to, many people living in newer homes have been complaining.

The complaints include loud breaking and engine noises, shaking of the homes’ foundations, and the diesel emissions that linger in the air.

With the pandemic coming to an end, truck driving is picking up again, and the residential roads and local streets are seeing more truck traffic than before.

Detroit is likely to restrict road access and prevent trucking through the city within the next few months with new rules and ordinances.

But Detroit isn’t alone. Other cities are looking at the trucking in residential areas as well.

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