New Pay Package! K&B Transportation Announces A 10% Increase In Driver Pay!

By: K & B Transportation

Drivers spoke and we listened!  Recently K&B Transportation surveyed our drivers..  What did they like?  Number one on the list was their dispatchers.  Second was our fleet of 2012 and newer equipment.  Also on the list was our 2500 mile per week guarantee consistent miles and finally the fact that they get home on the day the request.  What request did they have?  They requested more pay!  We listened and took action for the benefit of our valued drivers.  Effective 3/30/15 K&B Transportation is boosting our mileage pay for company drivers by 4 cents per mile!  This raise will not only boost our current drivers pay but also start all new hires at 45 cents per mile!  Unlike other carriers this is a flat 45 cents per mile meaning there is no “Up to” or “With Bonuses” this is a solid 45 cents per mile with no strings attached!  Drivers also enjoy the comfort of scheduled 1 cent per mile raises at 6 months 1 year 2 years on up to 7 years topping out at 50 cents per mile.  This increase will give all drivers a raise of over $5000 yearly raising driver pay by over 10%!  K&B Transportation is also keeping our long standing mileage guarantee!  Essentially at K&B Transportation your time on the road is worth more!  If we can not get you 2500 miles in a week we are going to pay you the difference!  This raise will guarantee our new hires a minimum of $1125 per week.   Drivers can also take advantage of our safety bonus clean inspection bonuses referral bonuses and more to further increase their compensation.

K&B Transportation is a growing refrigerated carrier based out of South Sioux City Nebraska.  We primarily operate throughout the Central United States and give our drivers the option of running our Midwest Fleet or National Fleet!  Find out more about our driving positions today!  Call K&B Transportation at (800) 851-8651 or visit us online at  Couple with our increase in driver compensation in 2014 we’ve raise our driver compensation nearly 20% in less than a year!  We are serious about driver pay!

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