New App Aims to Help Truckers Find Parking



A shortage of parking for truck drivers has been getting progressively worse over the years as 3 million drivers are expected to share approximately 300000 parking spaces according to the FHWA. And based on a survey conducted by the FHWA over 75 percent of truckers said that finding safe parking is a recurring issue and 90 percent say that they’ve had difficulty finding a place to park at night.

Well to the delight of drivers a free mobile app designed by NATSO ATA and ATRI hopes to solve that issue be helping truckers find a safe place to park wherever they are.  

The new app Park My Truck will help find truckers search for available parking spaces on public and private stops as well as rest areas across the nation. In total the app will include nearly 5000 truck stops and 150000 parking spaces.

Truckers will have the option to search for available parking spaces based on their current location or based on a highway or state of their choosing. The app will refresh every two hours to let users know how many spots are available at each location.

Finding a safe place to park is a consistent issue for drivers in our industry said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. It is important we have ways to let drivers know where the spaces currently exist which is why this app developed in cooperation with ATRI and NATSO is so important. Directing drivers to safe parking spaces will give them opportunity to get the rest they need and the off-duty time they are required to have.

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