Marten Transport, Ltd. Honors Drivers of the Month

By: Marten Transport, Ltd.

Marten Transport announces the Drivers of the Month for October 2005. The company thanks each of these drivers and honors them for the excellent job they do. To qualify for Driver of the Month drivers must have a minimum of 10500 miles during the month and be accident free with 100% on-time deliveries. Combined the Drivers of the Month averaged 13622 miles during the month of October.
Each driver will receive a $25 t-check and praise from their fleet manager. In addition each Driver of the Month will receive a certificate commemorating the occasion and a gift from the company store.
The October Drivers of the Month are as follows: Josue Rendon Larry Jernigan Linda Jernigan Mark Hrynyk John Brock Brian Strupith David Zecha Tina Oliver Daniel Dorough Leonard Schultz Rick Eaton Guy Noland Dick Thundereagle Stephen Watts Samuel E. Jones Clyde Thompson Jr. Carl Oehler Gwen LaDuke Louis Vallieres Jim Brunetti Steven Pilkington Larry McDonough Bernard Bullock Eldon Stoltenberg Phillip Williams Robert Home Robert Lawler Linda Menendez Raphael Duzant Jerry Reed David Morris Willie Love and Kevin Howard.
Marten Transport specializes in hauling time and temperature sensitive goods across North America for an ever-

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