K&B Transportation Raises the Bar on Driver Pay–$950 Per Week Guaranteed!

By: K & B Transportation

Effective 10/3/2011 all OTR drivers at K&B Transportation will receive a 4 cent per mile raise.  What does this do?  This raises the bar on driver pay as all drivers will be guaranteed a minimum paycheck of $950 regardless of their weekly miles!  Want more?  How about a 2 cent per mile raise after 90 days with the company that boosts your minimum to $1000 per week!  Sure other companies will say You Should make that type of money but how many companies will guarantee you those type of wages in writing? 
To find out more about how our guarantee works or about our company in general call our recruiting department at (800) 851-8651 or visit us online at www.kbtransportation.com.  We truly look forward to hearing from you!
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