Increased Sign-On Bonus For November!

By: K & B Transportation

Record freight volumes are leading to record growth at K&B Transportation.  Due to record freight volume K&B Transportation is adding 30 tractors to our fleet in the month of November alone.  As the holidays near the market for drivers always tightens making November a tough month to grow a fleet.  Due to this fact K&B Transportation has temporarily raised our sign-on bonus for November!   K&B Transportation has increased our sign-on bonus to $1650.  This bonus is paid 100% over all new hires first three paychecks.  Payout is $900 on the new hires first check $500 on the second and a final $250 on the third paycheck!  Payout is of course on top of wages giving all new hires three solid checks right out the gate which is ideal with the holidays just around the corner.

Besides this bonus drivers at K&B Transportation start out at 45 cents per mile and enjoy a mileage guarantee of 2500 paid miles per week.  With this guarantee K&B Transportation drivers are guaranteed $1125 per week minimum.  K&B Transportation’s pay package also includes structured raises with 3 cents per mile in raises in a drivers first 2 years and also includes a cap at 50 cents per mile.  K&B Transportation drivers choose between Midwest and National Lanes and there are also some dedicated opportunities in the upper Midwest. 

If you’re a driver with a minimum of 6 months experience and want to take advantage of this bonus package call Recruiting at (800) 851-8651 or visit to find out more about K&B Transportation.  

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