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CORALVILLE IA. ? August 26th 2004 ? Heartland Express Inc. of Iowa (www.heartlandexpresscom) considered to be the highest paying truckload carrier in the industry according to a national survey announces a new pay program called the ?GREEN MILE$? program with pay rates as high as $.50 per mile for company drivers and $.95 per mile for owner operators BEFORE any additional fuel stabilization pay per mile!

Company drivers and owner operators will make an additional 7 cents per mile for all the HHG miles driven in what is known as the ?Green Zone?. Heartland?s drivers who currently make $.43 per mile (including their safety bonus) will earn an unprecedented $.50 per ?green mile? within the ?Green Zone?. Owner Operators will also make an additional 7 cents per ?green mile? in the ?Green Zone? making their pay for each HHG mile a whopping $.95 per mile. Heartland also adds additional pay for each mile with their fuel stabilization program ($.09 and ? cents per mile at the time of this writing) making the total O/O pay rate an incredible $1.04 ? for all HHG miles within the ?Green Zone.?

??unbelievable!? ??remarkable!? ??incredible!? were just a few of the comments heard when Heartland announced the ?GREEN MILE$? program to their driver and operator fleet. The general consensus was overall amazement at the possibility to earn $.50 per mile as a company driver and over $1.04 per mile as a contractor. One driver stated ?I came to Heartland because they offered more per mile than anyone with this deal I?m never going to leave!? Another long term owner operator commented ?I?ve been an operator at other places and some good ones but none of them can match this program?s pay not to mention all the other things Heartland pays for. I wish I would have leased on a lot earlier than I did.?

Russell Gerdin founder president and CEO had this to say ?We raised the bar for driver pay quite a while ago today we set the bar even higher and I?m committed to setting the bar long into the future. I believe it?s good for the drivers for Heartland and for the entire industry.?

?We made a huge financial commitment with our 3 cent pay raise back in January and now we are making another one with the ?GREEN MILE$? program. Heartland Express is committed to the well being of our drivers and their families and offering the highest pay and exciting programs like ?GREEN MILE$? is our way of showing it.? stated John Cosaert Executive Vice-President and CFO.

Heartland will launch the program starting October 2nd 2004. At that time the ?GREEN MILE$? program will become a permanent fixture among the industry that is unlikely to be overshadowed for a long time to come. Heartland Express recruiters are available at 1-800-441-4953 from 7 AM CST to 7 PM CST Monday through Thursday 7 AM to 5:30PM Fridays and 8 AM to noon on Saturdays and Sundays to accept calls for details.

Heartland Express is an irregular route truckload carrier based in Coralville Iowa serving customers with primary shipping lane east of the Rocky Mountains. They offer long-haul regional team and dedicated opportunities. Any professional driver interested in getting more information about Heartland Express can call 1-800-441-4953 or access the company website at www.heartlandexpress.com

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