Got a Christmas Tree? Thank a Trucker


truck delivering tree to capitol


It’s holiday season again here in the States. To honor this special time of the year, American citizens cut down large trees, such as Norway spruces, Douglas firs, and white pines. And who delivers those Christmas trees? Truck drivers.

In this article, we delve into the journey our annual Christmas trees make and discuss which trucking companies are chosen to make the important delivery.

Christmas Tree at the U.S. Capitol

In 1919, the Architect of the Capitol, the branch responsible for federal maintenance, suggested putting up a tree to decorate for the holidays. Although the request was not made an official annual event until 1970, we have upheld the age-old tradition since then.

To accomplish this, the U.S. Forest Service surveys the national forests and examines the tallest trees. From there, they hand pick which tree will be selected for the year based on how those trees compare to each other.

This year, a tree from the Willamette National Forest in Oregon was chosen. Upon making their selection, the next step for the U.S. Forest Service was to figure out how to transport “The People’s Tree” to the Capitol. Naturally, the important delivery was entrusted to the backbone of our country – truckers.

More specifically, the honor of transporting the iconic holiday symbol this year was given to Central Oregon Truck Company. As the 82 ft. Noble fir made its almost 3,000-mile journey, pit stops were made along the way. During these resting periods, the community could take photos with the tree and even sign their name on the protective wrap.

Needless to say, these publicity stops elongate the road trip, which meant extra miles for the truck driver and more time charged for the trucking company. Not a bad gig.

Those interested in delivering next year’s tree may want to start working for a trucking company in proximity of a national forest sometime soon. Once you are employed by one of the lucky delivery corporations, build up your rep and stay on top of which national forest the holiday icon is being cut down from to improve your odds of getting this holiday run.

Time Square’s Iconic Tree

In contrast to the hand-picked Capitol tree, the holiday icons displayed at Time Square are donated every year, and people all across the country offer up their best Christmas trees. To determine which one will actually be cut down, the head gardener at Rockefeller Center, Erik Pauze, personally goes out and makes the decision.

This year, the chosen tree was donated by Shirley Figuero and Lissette Gutierrez. They live in Wallkill, New York, which is a much shorter journey than the one made by the Capitol tree.

Nevertheless, the delivery of the Times Square tree was once again entrusted to a trucking company. This time the chosen company was Torsilieri Trucking Company Inc. based out of New Jersey.

Although truck drivers in the New York tri-state area have the best opportunity to deliver the Times Square tree, truck drivers around the country are responsible for the transport of thousands of trees, gifts, and other holiday decorations this season. It wouldn’t be the holidays without them.