Dart Increases Over-the-Road Owner Operator Rate to $1.00/Mile

By: Dart Transit Company

Eagan Minnesota – Dart Transit Company over-the-road owner operators will be eligible for a mileage rate increase effective July 1.  The increase brings the loaded mileage rate up 4¢ per mile to $1.00 per mile and the deadhead rate up 1¢ per mile to $0.91 per mile.

Dart has operated with independent owner operators for 80 years and throughout our company’s history we have demonstrated our dedication to owner operator success said Dart President David Oren.  Thanks to Dart contractors’ good service we are having success working to raise shipper rates and reduce operating expenses.  We continue to work to be the best place for owner operators.

In addition to over-the-road Dart has short haul regional and dedicated options for owner operators.  If you’re interested in learning more please visit www.DartTruckingJobs.com.

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Founded in 1934 as a family-owned business Dart Transit Company has grown to become one of America’s largest and most successful truckload dry van carriers.  Dart provides shippers with a variety of transportation related services through the Dart Network.  It offers truckload service in all 48 states with long haul dedicated regional and short haul service options plus truck/train intermodal service through Dart Intermodal Inc.  Logistics and brokerage services are provided through Dart Advantage Logistics Inc. and storage services through Dart Advantage Warehousing Inc. and Dart Portable Storage Inc.  To learn more please visit www.Dart.net.

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