Turns 14!



Happy Birthday! CAD originally launched in October 2000 and has consistently grown since then with more truck drivers and companies in 2014 than ever before! Although the site has gone through some changes our mission has remained the same: to connect qualified drivers with reputable trucking companies.

CAD targets specific types of prospective drivers: experienced company drivers owner/operators and new drivers seeking employment after completing trucking school. A driver can submit his or her application for free – the trucking companies pay to list jobs and advertisements on which stabilizes the costs for drivers.

At CAD we believe in quality over quantity. If a driver submits an application to a company but does not meet their minimum qualifications the application will not go through. Instead we display jobs that the driver is qualified for and the company doesn’t have to weed through underqualified applicants saving time for both drivers and trucking companies.

And CAD is more than just jobs! After making an account on the site users can access and post to forums receive news on the trucking industry and even post to our new truck gallery.

After a complete rebuild and redesign in March 2013 we make it easier than ever for drivers to browse jobs they are qualified for in an area they are willing to work and our team at is make sure that the staffing needs of our clients are met.

The trucking industry drives the American economy forward making it one of the most crucial workforces in the country. Currently there is a critical shortage of truck drivers in the United States. With hundreds of companies offering thousands of jobs on CAD we are striving to connect more drivers and companies than ever!

Happy Birthday once again – here’s to many more years of memorable contributions to the trucking industry.

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