But On the Bright Side – Top 10 Arguments For and Against Trucking

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There’s a lot of chatter among truck drivers new and old about whether long-haul truck driving is a good job. This debate even reached our friend Red Viking Trucker who has had a successful two years in the business but was accused of over-promoting the job of trucking to his YouTube audience.

Trucking isn’t for every personality type and we want to be honest about that. That’s why we created an entire chapter of our new Become a Truck Driver section to the question “Will I Be Successful?

Some people aren’t made for the lifestyle of long-haul driving. Others are perfect for a lifetime of driving. And for some drivers they find value in spending an extended but limited amount of time.  And if you are still unsure please shoot us a message – we offer free 20-minute counselling sessions.

So in the interest of complete honesty about this profession we’ll present the Top 10 objections that we’ve heard against truck driving. Then we’ll look at the bright side of each claim.

Objection One

The money isn’t as good as it used to be.

But on the Bright Side…

It is true that the salary isn’t as high before the deregulation of trucking in 1980. But right now long-haul trucking pay is on the rise. The median pay of a Class A long-haul driver is $54000 and the wages have been rising 8% per year.

Long-haul driving doesn’t require much training (you’ll be out of trucking school in 2-3 weeks after an investment of $2000-$3000) truck drivers can make up to $50000 or $60000 on their first year on the road and generally speaking the career pays twice sometimes even three times better than other jobs such as construction workers movers and security guards.

(It’s a whole different story for local truck driving jobs. If you are into staying local we recommend you think twice before going to trucking school and getting your CDL A. Local truck driving jobs are not in high demand. The median salary is still higher than other jobs but it’s much lower than long-haul jobs. You’re also more likely to get injured on the job as you’ll be required to perform extra tasks like moving the merchandise around the warehouse or restocking shelves. Do your research or let us know)


Objection Two

Long-haul driving gives no time for family.

But on the Bright Side…

There’s no denying that trucking is an onerous job. If you have a young child to raise on your own or little support from your family or friends then this isn’t the career for you.

But for people who are young and looking to quickly pay off debt long-haul trucking is a great option. Military veterans who are used to being away from home also find it easier to jump right into the driver’s seat.

Some drivers in the 45-60 age range find trucking to be a positive change when they no longer have family obligations are struck by life-changing events (a divorce a death in the family a layoff a son/daughter starting college…) or simply want to escape the routine of a 9-5 corporate job.

Objection Three

Too many rules! Government regulation cops DOT officers ELDs and more all put stress on the driver.

But on the Bright Side…

Trucking is a highly-regulated industry but every job has rules and limitations. Most other jobs offer a strict 9-to-5 and a boss looking over your shoulder. Trucking frees you from this.

Many drivers find it freeing to make their own driving schedule. And if they decide to become owner-operators after some experience then those drivers become their own boss.


Truckers have to follow Hours of Service Regulations. Courtesy of @logistics_chick.

Objection Four

Trucking is a dying industry. Automated driverless trucks are coming soon.

But on the Bright Side…

Automated trucking may actually improve the job of the driver. Current technology shows that automated trucks will still need a driver in the cockpit just like how planes work today. This would make the driver’s life easier and less stressful.

Also the industry is not dying. It’ll take decades for the technology regulations and social appeal to make driverless trucks a reality and in the meantime the USA have been struggling with a severe shortage of long-haul drivers which has been driving wages benefits and bonuses up.

Will Tesla Change Trucking Forever?

Objection Five

Trucking is a dirty industry.

But on the Bright Side…

There are certainly some bad trucking companies out there. Some of them will even try to trap drivers in dishonest lease agreements that amount to indentured servitude.

But you don’t want to throw out the whole trucking industry because of a few bad apples. If aspiring drivers ask the right questions of recruiters and do their research into each company then they can find a great job. Just make sure to get any promises in writing.


Objection Six

There’s no advancement in trucking.

But on the Bright Side…

It’s true that there’s no conventional advancement in trucking. You can’t climb the corporate ladder rung by rung.

But for some drivers they don’t mind. This career appeals to people who are looking to remake their lives and get away from home.

Long-haul drivers can make money quickly without a lot of training. Truckers can pay off debts or loans. They can see the country and ditch any responsibilities.

Other drivers do look for a long-term career and some are able to find it. Some truckers become owner-operators which lets them earn more money and run their own business. Other long-haul drivers decide to switch to local routes and get home every night. Some people use their long-haul experience to get a job in logistics.


Objection Seven

Trucking is a dangerous job.

But on the Bright Side…

There’s no doubt that driving an 80000 pound vehicle brings some risk. You don’t sit in a climate-controlled office where your biggest concern is carpal tunnel.

This isn’t a job for everyone but it is a job for some people. Many are willing to take the risks to reap the rewards. That’s why we recommend safe training and proper schooling. 

At Class A Drivers we’ve also been active for HOS reform ELD reform and improved infrastructure to improve safety conditions for drivers.

For the Driver Safety Is the Key. Courtesy of @logistics_chick

Objection Eight

Public bathrooms showers and living out of a truck stop isn’t appealing.

But on the Bright Side…

It does take a specific type of person to be comfortable in the lifestyle. Afraid of germs? Trucking is not for you.

But people go camping all the time to get away from modern living and those types of people may enjoy life on the road. Veterans especially find it easy to transition into trucking.

If you want to save a lot of money fast you can even choose to live out of the truck. With costs of rent going up all over the country trucking provides a huge opportunity in the midst of America’s housing crisis.


Objection Nine

Truckers work long hours. 14 hours on-duty.

But on the Bright Side…

Trucking can certainly be difficult. We never try to hide that. But for those that love it those 11 hours on the road provide a sense of freedom.

You trade the monotony and constant supervision of other jobs for longer hours. That’s a trade many people are willing to take.

The career does work best for those that don’t have other commitments at home.


Objection Ten

Truckers get little sleep and eat poorly. There are health concerns with this job.

But on the Bright Side…

Many drivers do suffer from obesity or sleep deprivation but it is not impossible to live a healthy lifestyle. It just takes some extra work.

Drivers can pack healthy snacks and dedicate 30 minutes a day to some sort of exercise. Even jogging around a truck stop is a great way to get your body moving.

If you routinely suffer from insomnia or other health problems then maybe this isn’t a good job for you. But if you can sleep easily then you will be able to get enough rest if you commit to it.


The Ruling Is…

Long-Haul Truck driving is not for everyone. There are things to love and hate about every job.

But for those with the right personality and the willingness to work hard for good money trucking provides a great opportunity. And it’s an opportunity that comes quickly after a short training period it’s in high demand right now and won’t go away soon.

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