Granger IA August 25 2005?Barr-Nunn Transportation is a widely acclaimed provider of highest quality transportation and logistics services to over 500 customers across the nation. In response to our drivers who have been asking for a change to our vacation policy we have implemented the improvements requested by many. Listening improves our vision at Barr-Nunn so that we can prove we value our people. When you team up with Barr-Nunn you will see for yourself how we constantly upgrade your benefits and work hard to meet your needs.

For example right now we are changing our vacation package for our drivers. They used to receive a $600 vacation payout after reaching 120000 paid miles. Effective as of 9/9/05 upon reaching the next 120000 miles the drivers will be granted paid days off to use within the next 120000-mile period. The paid time off will be available to use at their convenience with approval from the Team Leader. Or they may choose to cash it out. The pay for a week of vacation will be equal to each driver?s average weekly pay excluding bonuses within the time period it took to accumulate the 120000 miles. There will not be any adjustments for absences or time off during the accumulation period. This weekly average will be recalculated for each 120000 paid miles. All miles already accumulated will be counted toward determining the number of weeks granted.

Here is the schedule for days off:
*Solo Drivers
For 1st and 2nd 120000 miles?1 week
For 3rd through 7th 120000 miles?2 weeks
For 8+ 120000 miles?3 weeks

*Team Drivers
The schedule is the same as above but accumulation is in 240000 increments instead of 120000 increments.

We are very excited about our new improved vacation package and it shows how we at Barr-Nunn continue to prove to our drivers that the difference is real. To find out more about our Company our benefits and our opportunities call us at: 888-999-7576. Visit our website at:

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