6 Best Rest Stops for Truckers Across the U.S.

By: Classadrivers.com

When you live your life in transit it makes all the difference where you take a break. A stop along the highway is often the much-needed respite to energize you for a long journey but you don’t want to stop just anywhere. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best rest stops for truckers across the United States so you can be sure your downtime is well spent.

Most Welcoming

Dysart’s: Bangor Maine

Dysart’s prides themselves on being a “small community.” They’re equipped with a full-service garage a truck wash showers and a restaurant. If you find yourself there in winter it’s a great place to warm up.

Best Entertainment

Jubitz Travel Center and the Portlander Inn :Portland Oregon

A Jubitz visitor once remarked “If you can’t be at home you should be at Jubitz.” Known for their comfy lodging and friendly service Jubitz is a good place to take a load off and stay awhile. Complete with an 80-seat movie theater that shows first run films (tickets are only $5!) dance lessons and live music on weekends you won’t be bored during your stay.

Best Place for a Sore Back

Petro Truck Stops: Various Locations

Among video arcades and a small screening room to watch movies many Petro locations come with an in-house chiropractor to give your back some relief from the trials of travel.

Best Food

R-Place Restaurant: Morris Illinois

Conveniently located off the I-80 this place is one-of-a-kind with antique toy displays. This upscale diner has a unique atmosphere and quality homemade food.

Best Place to Wash Up

Little America Hotel: Flagstaff AZ

Little America is dedicated to making your trip easier and better. Their private showers are clean and luxurious with discount rates available for drivers with a valid CDL. They list up-to-date gas prices on their website so you know if you’re getting a good deal before you even arrive.

Best Overall

Iowa 80: Walcott Iowa

It’s unanimous — the Iowa 80 is a must-stop for truckers. Founder Bill Moon always loved trucks and made it his mission to create a place that served professional truckers better. Complete with a truck museum a barbershop and a dentist they also host an annual three-day festival the Truckers Jamboree to honor America’s truckers.

Gone But Not Forgotten

There are a few places we came across in compiling this list that we wish were still open for business:

Rip Griffin Travel Center in Braunfels TX

While you can still visit various Rip Griffin locations for chicken fried steak or high-quality petroleum products their travel center in Braunfels Texas is rumored to have instated quite an interesting policy in the late ’90s: Upon arrival truckers were chauffeured from the parking lot to the restaurant in a Cadillac limo by a man named Ralph “Buckeye” Orion and were given complimentary coffee to enjoy. Sadly this location was sold to Travel Centers of America in 2004 and we don’t think they’ve maintained the tradition.

Willie’s Place in Carl’s Corner TX

Willie Nelson once had partial ownership of this truck stop and performed on occasion at the Whiskey River Saloon next door. To the disappointment of many Nelson fans the management changed in 2011 and it was converted to a more basic truck stop sans Willie. Read more about it here.

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