3,800 Kenworth Trucks Recalled Due to Seatbelt Issues

By: ClassADrivers.com

Photo by Ava Tyler on Unsplash

According to recent reports, 3,800 Kenworth trucks are being recalled by Paccar, the producer of the popular brand of commercial trucks. The recall was initiated in order to protect the safety of both drivers and passengers due to problems with the seatbelts.

The Kenworth W9, T800, and other related models are among the models that are impacted by this recall. The recall is a big deal in the trucking community because these trucks are essential to the transportation sector.

Since Kenworth trucks and other large commercial vehicles transport heavy loads over long distances, seatbelt safety is treated as especially important in the trucking industry. This specific issue deals with the assembly of the joint where the seat connects to the tether and buckle.

It’s a good sign for truck drivers and passengers that Paccar is committed to handling this promptly. Dealers can replace the joint on site.

In the industry, truck recalls are not unusual, and manufacturers take them very seriously. Companies that use heavy-duty trucks must consider the safety of the driver as well as everyone on the road. If you drive or own one of these trucks, please get the necessary repair.