3 Reasons Why Truck Driving is a Great Second (or Third) Career

By: ClassADrivers.com

truck driving and backlit by sunset


Just got laid off? Looking to start over? Then maybe you should consider truck driving.

Let’s be honest – starting a new career can be daunting later in life. Getting into a new field can be even tougher.

If your resume doesn’t list years of relevant experience, then potential employers get a little skeptical when hiring 40+ year olds starting anew.

  1. Limited Training Time

The first reason that truck driving can be a great second (or third) career is that training is short. Trucking companies won’t require a new four-year degree from a reputable university.

Truck drivers can get on the road in just 3-6 weeks. Yes, weeks.

After that, there’s a short orientation and on-the-job training period, and then the career begins. Within two to three months, you can go from your couch to over the road.

  1. Truckers Are in High Demand.

Another reason that truck driving is a great second career is that jobseekers can actually find work (and quickly). If you’re willing to get trained and put in the miles on the road, then you’re qualified.

Trucking companies desperately want to fill their trucks, and that’s one reason that wages are going up. And it also means that you don’t have to be without work for long.

If you register on Class A Drivers, we’ll even connect you directly with trucking companies to find the right 

  1. Trucking Is a New Life.

Truck driving is more than a job. It’s a lifestyle. Long-haul truck driving means you are on the road for weeks at a time.

This means traveling the land, living on the road, and meeting people all over the country. For many people, this change in pace can be onerous. But for someone looking to make a new beginning, trucking can be just what they need.

Often people find a second career after a divorce or a death in the family. They look for new work when the kids move out or go to college.

Major life changes often mean major career changes, and this is especially for people who are over 40. Trucking is a great chance to change up your  life while also changing your career.