How Not to Murder Your Partner – 3 Valentine’s Day Tips from Team Truck Drivers


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Valentine’s Day is coming up, but keeping your Valentine close always comes with challenges. In fact, between 40%-50% of marriages end up in divorce in the United States.

It’s a pretty scary statistic. Anyone who’s taken the vow knows that, in this day and age, they are almost as likely to separate from their partner as they are to stick it out until “death do us part.”

Dr. Neil Lavender in Psychology Today cites that the number one reason for divorce in the U.S. is a lack of “WE” or in more eloquent terms, the failure of the two individuals to become one.

Another interesting statistic is how 43% of all divorces can trace their origins back to “basic incompatibility” or in other words “bad chemistry”.

Well, good chemistry and compatibility are absolutely essential for team truck drivers. In fact, some of the biggest issues team drivers face are getting along with your co-driver and trusting your co-driver.

Team truck drivers travel the country together, work together, and live together in the confines of the small sleeper cab in the back of the truck. That is why truck drivers that team with their significant others are the best authorities on relationships. Truckers know how to stick it out through good times and bad.

Successful team drivers are good communicators. They share their concerns about the relationship and the job. They are assertive rather than simply being passive or aggressive.  Ultimately, divorce ultimately comes down to a long, slow and painful decline in communication between two people.

So how do these couples do it? How do these team drivers who spend literally all day every day together stay married or in long-term relationships while other couples fall apart?

Let’s check out a couple of tips that we can learn from team drivers and see how we can incorporate those into your own life:

1. Plan ahead and have goals.

Planning gives a destination to the road of your relationship. Truckers drive for a reason, whether it be extra money (Schneider pays up to $73,000/year each for team drivers) or to get more time with each other.

For team drivers in relationships, their income has effectively doubled. If things end up getting a little stuffy in the cab, they can look to each other and say “Well, at least we cut our time to retirement in half.” That’s a pretty big motivator.

Similarly, both you and your partner should have your own goals for the relationship. Be clear about your wants and needs with your own partner.

2. Find time for you both to get space.

As much as we crave being with someone, we also need to keep in mind that we are individuals. We need time for numero uno.

Nobody knows the importance of alone time more than team truck drivers. Because team truckers live in a small confined space and see each other every minute of the day, they must get creative when they need space.

Drivers take walks around the truck stop. They read books. Team drivers even become comfortable popping in headphones and having alone time in the presence of another person.

Good relationships are founded on good communication, as proven. Just politely make it clear you want some alone time and respect it when your significant other asks the same of you. You’ll be surprised just how far this will go for your relationship.

3. Find new adventures to have - with each other.

One of the biggest benefits of being a truck driver is all the new places they get to see. Drivers get to see some of the most beautiful sites and scenery across the country. And when they work with their significant other, truckers share that experience with someone they love.

If you want to save your own relationship from high-stress environments or the mundanity of everyday life, then take an adventure. Go travel. See America.

A trip is an awesome way to experience life with your own travel partner.


No romantic relationship is without its challenges, and team truck drivers are vulnerable to more than just the traditional problems that couples go through.

That’s why team truck drivers are the authorities on the subject: To make things works as a team in a cab, you have to conquer all the challenges couples face on a regular basis.

And if you ever wanted to work and travel with your significant other, check out our “Become a Truck Driver” section to learn all about this exciting career you can tackle as a team.