Pilot Freight Services

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3025 Woodbridge Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837

(516) 749-2762

Type of Employment Offered

Owner Operator Van
Owner Operator Other

Company Details

Furniture Home Delivery

26' box truck with high cube capability. Like new condition, white box & cab. Free from damage or graffiti. Cleaned bi-weekly.
Cellular Smart phone capable of supporting apps.
At least one fluent English pseaking team member. 
All drivers/helpers must pass background check and drug test.

Tools including Channel Locks, pliers, 6" adjustable wrench, hammer, rubber mallet, staple gun, cleaning rag, tape measure Screw drivers, Drill Gun.

Services include the delivery and assembly/installation of furniture and bedding.

Delivery team consists of driver and helper.

Driver and helper should be dressed similarly in all black shirts/pants/socks/shoes.

Hiring Area by State

New Jersey New York