Are you a Hotshot Owner-Operator?

Cheetah Trasportation LCC offers the best Hotshot leasing program in the trucking industry. Designed to assist the owner operator and trucking company owner with their operating cost through competitive licensing and permitting,(no up front money), low deductible liability and cargo insurance, (no charge for Liability or Cargo insurance), low bob-tail insurance ($7.85 wk), and physical damage (4% of declared value per month). Occupational Accident insurance ($156 month) program is available for contractors. Cheetah offers a prime Family Health Insurance, and fuel and tire discount program. We handle all your weekly deductions, taxes, tag and scrow. For a complete listing of benefits and opportunities visit our website www.cheetahhotshot.com. Or call Nina, Recruting & Sales, at 580-597-2286.

If you are an owner operator that would be interested in joining a company that works for you, contact Cheetah today:


Recruiting and Sales

Phone: 580-597-2286

Email: ncolvin@cheetahhotshot.com

"We do Things The Competition Can't...In Ways They Won't"