Truck Driving in Wisconsin

Wisconsin sign by the side of the road

State Overview

There are over 16,443 trucking companies in Wisconsin and the industry employs 48,194 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $50,670 ($24.36 hourly). The highest paying areas are Fond du Lac with a Median Annual Salary of $49,800, Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington (46,300), and Racine ($45,910).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Wisconsin


  • Plenty of jobs available, pay is higher than several other industries
  • Good roads, DOT responds to snow and ice quickly
  • Some beautiful scenery


  • Heavy traffic during rush hours on the 94 and 43
  • Construction around Milwaukee will never end
  • Packer games and summer visitors from Illinois fill the freeways

Truck Driving Tips for Wisconsin

  • Treat every trip as your first.
  • Make sure to follow the law, especially in construction zones
  • Get as many endorsements as possible
  • Be prepared for cold winter conditions
  • Report accidents and road hazards on the radio to help out other drivers

Fellow Truck Drivers in Wisconsin Say:

“Plenty of jobs available”

Dan P. – Over 10 years of experience

Plenty of jobs available, close to major hubs in Chicago, pay is higher than several other industries.

Traffic into and out of Milwaukee

Be careful and do prechecks! Lots of accidents could have been avoided had that been done. Anticipate whats going on around your truck especially in the large cities.