Truck Driving in Oklahoma

Empty Oklahoma road

State Overview

There are over 11,220 trucking companies in Oklahoma and the industry employs 24,480 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $49,130 ($23.62 hourly). The highest paying areas are the Southwestern Oklahoma non-metropolitan area with a Median Annual Salary of $44,150, and the Northeastern Oklahoma non-metropolitan ($44,060).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Oklahoma


  • The I-24 going from Nashville to Chattanooga is a difficult drive
  • Centrally located in the heartland of freight
  • Only 2 major cities, wide open roads, minimal traffic


  • Lack of truck stops for parking overnight
  • The conditions of the roads are horrible, needs improving
  • Non-stop construction in the summer months. Too many toll roads

Truck Driving Tips for Oklahoma

  • Be prepared for the frequent changes in weather
  • If you feel the weather condition is unsafe, don’t drive, just park until it looks safe
  • Stick with it. You have to pay your dues
  • Don’t expect to come into the industry and be paid like a top dog. Pay comes with experience

Fellow Truck Drivers in Oklahoma Say:

“Be an asset and not a detriment to your employer.”

Rick A. – 5.5 years under my belt

Oklahoma has a diverse range of opportunities in a truck. Having the geographical center of our country. We are at the crossroads of America. With that being said . Oklahoma is the hub for many shipping companies. As well as production and commerce in cattle and oil.

Oklahoma is no different than any other state as in road construction and repairs are often major causes of slowed shipping lanes.

Do some research into the type of driving job suited to your needs. Seek an employer with the least turnover. An employer with positive options and opportunities. As in any other type of occupation. You have to start at the bottom and earn tenure. Make a good name for yourself.


“Roads need improving”

John A. – Over 10 years driving regional

Establish a career. Provide for your family. Endless possibilities in transportation industry once you have experience.

Roads need improving. Construction non-stop in summer months.

Truck driving is under appreciated by some. Don’t let that sway you. There is money to be made,places to see, and is a very important part of keeping America moving. You can’t even wipe your ass unless a truck driver delivers the toilet paper to the store so you can buy it. Stick with it. You have to pay your dues. Don’t expect to come into it and be paid like a top dog. Home time and pay WILL come with experience.


“Take your time, obey the laws, be aware of your surroundings.”

Bill T. – Over 30 years on the road

You can find a Load pretty easily for dry vans/refers. Flatbed loads are fairly frequent as well. Heavy haul/oversized loads can be found as well. Diesel fuel is usually cheap compared to most other states.

Our roads are not well maintained and a lot of times there will be construction barrels for miles and no one working. Too many turnpikes/toll roads.

Take your time and don’t get in a hurry. Obey the speed limit signs. Always watch out for the other guy. People are actually looking to having an accident with you so that they can sue your company’s insurance company. They are looking to make money from you and your company. Stay out of the truck stops unless it’s necessary. You’re not going to make any money hanging out in the truck stops.


“Stay with your first company for at least 1 year”

William H. – 2 years driving OTR

Good People

The condition of the Roads

Stay with your first employer for at least one year


“Jumping from one company to another looks bad on you”

John M. – 26 years driving experience

Better salary than other jobs (usually) in the state

Mainly just the traffic in the cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa at rush hour

Go back to school and learn something different, get an office job. All companies are basically the same. The only difference is the color of the trucks. Pick one that you can put up with and stick with it if you intend to stay in truck driving. And lots of jumping from one company to the next just hurts you in the industry……going to a lot of orientations is kept track of and looks bad on you. A LOT of companies want you but the grass is never greener. They’ll all act the same some are just better at not showing their true colors at the start.


“Centrally located”

William H. – 5 years on the road

Centrally located in the heartland

Lack of truck stops for parking overnight

Stay off your cell phone. Stay alert of your surroundings


“Have to pay your dues to get started”

Jim P. – 13 years behind the wheel

Main thing is pay. No real big cities to drive through.

Main thing would probably be condition of the roads. 2nd would be the infrastructure in the state. Needs lot of planning and work to get started on it. Doesn’t seem to be a priority with legislators. And if winter weather hits, state does minimal effort to clear roadways.

Be safe at all times. You have to pay your dues to get started just like any other job. Keep a clean driving record and you can find a job anywhere. I waited until my kids were out of high school to start driving cause unless you get a local job you’ll miss out on the majority of their lives and your wife’s.


“Welcome to the road, be careful!”

Haille J. – 10 years of experience

Driving in Oklahoma is crazy drivers out here Dr pretty well the roads are kind of messed up but being a driver you can deal with it and it’s usually wide open not a lot of traffic.

The roads are horrible out here just a lot to deal with.

Weather changes frequently in Oklahoma be prepared.


“If you quit – don’t piss off your company”

James S. – 15 years driving on the road

Getting paid to see the country, and no bosses hounding you they just tell you where to go and where to deliver and tell you how much time you have so you can plan your trip. Also you should make pretty good money long as you’re delivering on time and picking up on time so they will give you loads knowing you are be dependable.

Oklahoma is easy driving only 2 major cities and depending on timing its nothing to worry about.

Watch how you quit cause lots of companies if you quit and piss them off they will put bogus info on your DAC report which will hinder other jobs. Take time to search all companies info before hiring on with them. Rip off reports from other sites.