Truck Driving in North Dakota

North Dakota road, sparsely populated

State Overview

Over 10,120 trucking companies in Alabama and the industry employs 31,280 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $47,830 ($23.00 hourly). The highest paying areas are Mobile with a Median Annual Salary of $42,680, Southeast Alabama non-metropolitan area ($42,020), and Birmingham-Hoover ($38,650).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in North Dakota


  • Consistent work for crude and production water hauling
  • Plenty of companies that provide housing for free
  • Beautiful scenery on many of the highways


  • Tough place for trucking. Good paying jobs are harder to come by
  • 5 rest areas were just shut down this year by the state’s DOT
  • Parts of major highways close during major blizzards.

Truck Driving Tips for North Dakota

  • Be prepared for the cold. Make sure you have the necessary gear to stay warm
  • Take the mountain roads slowly, one crash could be the end of you
  • Use your CB radio in the winter to communicate with other drivers
  • Many accidents can be prevented by communicating road conditions ahead of you
  • Understand the fatigue that comes with night driving

Fellow Truck Drivers in North Dakota Say:

“Plenty of freight available”

Grayson M. – 3 1/2 years driving experience

Plenty of freight available, also lots of companies to choose from.

Lots of road construction on major interstates in the larger cities.

Listen to veteran drivers regarding safety issues. Slow down, take your time, and make safety paramount in all you do.


“Great place to work in”

Mike A. – 500,000 miles driven

Great companies to work for, great scenery, rest stops clean

The headache is the mountains

Make sure it’s what you want to do.