Truck Driving in New Jersey

New Jersey road with highway signs

State Overview

There are over 5,930 trucking companies in New Jersey. The highest paid truck drivers earn $56,990 ($27.40 hourly). The highest paying areas are Edison-New Brunswick with a Median Annual Salary of $49,440, Camden ($46,570), and Wilmington ($44,750).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in New Jersey


  • Many local driving opportunities that give you daily home time
  • Constantly updated infrastructure
  • Good driving environment outside of major cities


  • Smaller docks, narrow areas to unload
  • Construction going on everywhere
  • Driving locally means driving New England, hard places for trucks

Truck Driving Tips for New Jersey

  • This industry is awesome if you like a challenge. Plus it pays very well
  • Do not, I repeat do not, work for 50% of what the truck makes
  • Make to get out an look when backing up
  • Don’t be afraid to get out and look where you’re backing up
  • Be very careful of low bridges