Truck Driving in Indiana

Indiana highway with three signs

State Overview

There are over 21,530 trucking companies in Indiana and the industry employs 76,960 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $55,780 ($26.82 hourly). The highest paying areas are Michigan City-La Porte with a Median Annual Salary of $49,680, Gary ($47,830), and Indianapolis-Carmel ($46,530).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Indiana


  • A strong market for truck drivers
  • A lot of freight comes out of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio
  • Lots of major, truck-friendly highways heading in all directions


  • Left lane laws during rush hour makes navigation difficult
  • Some of the worst traffic jams in the country at rush hours
  • DOT is a lot stricter in Indiana

Truck Driving Tips for Indiana

  • If it says clearance is 11′ 6″ but it looks higher, do not attempt. Believe the signs
  • Deer season in Indiana is just that. Make sure to watch your speed during these times
  • Don’t underestimate the DOT, they’ll find any infractions, large or small
  • Learn how to drive in winter conditions
  • Understand the fatigue that comes with night driving

Fellow Truck Drivers in Indiana Say:

“A lot of freight to move”

Camilla G. – 3 years of experience

A lot of freight comes out of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio, so you are in a great position to be dispatched quickly.

Dot is a lot stricter in Indiana. What they like to do is pull u over for a traffic violation then inspect your truck find something wrong write a ticket for the inspection and a warning for the traffic violation so that you cannot fight it.

Get as much training as possible. ask a lot of questions to grasp it all and buy a good gps. also, believe the signs, i.e. if it says clearance is 11’6 but it looks higher, do not attempt. believe the signs.


“Plenty of jobs”

Jamie B. – 3 years driving OTR

Minus the steel industry, Indiana is right next door to some the nation’s largest warehouse satellites and rail yards for containers just across the Illinois state line.

Indiana has some of the worst construction zones and traffic jams in the country; depending on the time of day.

Pay attention to the road; there are many distracted drivers out there.