Truck Driving in Connecticut

Connecticut under the deep blue sky

State Overview

There are over 6,880 trucking companies in Connecticut and the industry employs 13,110 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $55,260 ($26.57 hourly). The highest paying areas are Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk with a Median Annual Salary of $50,800, Eastern Connecticut non-metropolitan area ($48,970), and Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford ($47,080).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Connecticut


  • There are many local seasonal driving jobs
  • A lot of trucking companies along Interstate 91
  • Rest areas are refurbished and clean


  • Construction and traffic. The southern end of 95 can be a parking lot
  • Local roads are narrow and difficult to navigate
  • Difficult to find parking, rest areas are sparse

Truck Driving Tips for Connecticut

  • Remember NO TRUCKS on Meritt Parkway
  • Get state and local truck-specific maps, available at the DMV
  • Get a truck atlas and learn to read it, they have much more info
  • Make sure you know bridge heights before driving toward them
  • Understand the fatigue that comes with night driving

Fellow Truck Drivers in Connecticut Say:

“A great place to drive”

Joseph S. – 6 years behind the wheel

One of the great things of truck driving is the fact that you are in control of your day.You can get to see the Highways and by ways of this great country. With a local company and with experience you can be home weekly even daily, or you can save on rent by running OTR and living in the truck, saving money for later.

In CT ,as in most of New England, Construction And Traffic are the most annoying issues,along with trying to find a safe place to park for your breaks. the southern end of 95 ( towards New York ) can be a parking lot any time of day due to traffic (during the day light hours)or construction(during the night) the capital area (91&84;&5&9)around rush hours . While Ct has re done many rest areas along 95 they have closed the buildings at the rest areas along 84 395 ,Remember NO TRUCKS ON Meritt Parkway> Also local roads were designed around the 1920,s -1950s when trucks were much shorter in length and height.

Get State and local truck specific maps available at the DMV and local PD’s ,Get A Truck Atlas and learn to read it, it has much more info then road routes.Most important take you time ,relax, get out and look where you’re going.