Truck Driving in Arizona

Arizona highway sign with roundabout

State Overview

Over 9,000 trucking companies in Arizona and the industry employs 22,840 drivers. The highest paid truck drivers earn $49,360 ($23.73 hourly). The highest paying areas are Flagstaff ($43,970), Lake Havasu City-Kingman ($41,040), and Tucson ($40,550).

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving in Arizona


  • Arizona is a right-to-work state, so no union requirements
  • Wide open roads, very few one way streets
  • Sunny skies, beautiful scenic highways


  • Not all of Arizona is on the same time zone
  • Freeway traffic is horrible at rush hour, other drivers have no courtesy
  • Unbearably hot in the summer

Truck Driving Tips for Arizona

  • Keep track of the time. Some areas run on MST and does not observe daylight savings
  • Get your hazmat certification – doubles and triples certification
  • Stay away from the I-17 northbound on a Friday afternoon
  • Make sure your air conditioning is functioning properly, or else you’ll suffer
  • Lots of tourists visiting the Grand Canyon. Avoid any roads near those areas

Fellow Truck Drivers in Arizona Say:

“Sunny skies”

Robert W. – 23 years driving experience

Sunny skies

Freeway traffic is horrible at rush hour, other drivers have no courtesy

Always keep your eyes on the road, looking as far forward as possible


“Wide open roads”

Derek R. – 5 years of experience and 400,000 miles

Wide open roads, very few one way streets.

The overall attitude of the driving public is a huge problem. Everyone is out to get to their destination as fast as possible and no matter how fast you go, you’re always in their way. This makes for an increased danger while driving.

Get your hazmat certification.