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Self-Driving Trucks Are Here: Is Your Job Safe?

Well, it’s not a jetpack, but our lives just became a bit more futuristic (and safer) with the introduction of the world’s first self-driving truck. Daimler Trucks North America ... Read More »

6 Ways Low Fuel Prices Affect Carriers

By Ralph Galantine, Product Manager, DAT Solutions Springtime freight is coming on strong, and rates are climbing. We're starting to see more of the seasonal trends we're used to, but f ... Read More »

National Carrier Hiring Standard Could be in Highway Funding Bill

By Kevin Scullin, Product Manager, DAT Solutions A bill to create a national carrier hiring standard was re-introduced in the House of Representatives in February and could become part of th ... Read More »

ATA Wants to Pump the Speed Limit Down to 65

For the second time since 2006, the American Trucking Association (ATA) has urged the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to mandate a strict speed-limit of 65 miles per hour on large t ... Read More »

Navajo Express Honored at the 2015 CMCA Safety Awards Banquet

Navajo Express was among those honored for their outstanding safety efforts during the previous year at the 2015 Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA) Safety Awards Banquet. During the ... Read More »

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