Barr-Nunn Raises Pay for Company Team Drivers

By: Barr-Nunn Transportation

Granger, IA - September 2, 2008 - Barr-Nunn Transportation, a leader in the industry, is proud to announce yet another outstanding recognition of the hard work its drivers put forth.


Barr-Nunn is raising the cap for Company Team drivers from 46 cents per practical mile to 47 cents per practical mile. In addition Company Team drivers will now earn Guaranteed Appreciation Bonuses of $7400 or $9800 for every 240,000 paid miles. This bonus pays $925 or $1225 each driver every 60,000 paid miles driven. This bonus money is above and beyond all other pay earned and there are no safety qualifiers associated.


This change becomes effective starting September 19th of 2008.


“Our company teams are an extremely important part of our driving force and we want to insure they earn more money year after year.  Our appreciation bonuses are a guarantee of money our teams and all our drivers can count on every 60,000 paid miles with Barr-Nunn” stated Jay Shiek, Director of Operations for Barr-Nunn.


This is all a part of Barr-Nunn’s efforts to reward safe and effective driving, and to maintain the most competitive compensation packages in the industry.


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