Less-Than-Truckload Carriers Are Looking Strong

By: Class A Drivers

As we begin the summer of 2017, one sector of the trucking industry showing strong indications of growth is the nearly $37 billion less-than-truckload sector. Carriers are continuing to a show a form of pricing disicpline as well as a controlled shipping capacity, resulting in increased financial success in the last two quarters.

Although some estimated this stimulus to come from the overall reaction of markets due to the new presidental administration, the signs of comfortable growth are beginning to show a clearer trend for the sector. 


Some of the most notable companies showing signs of growth all claim the growth has moved past the point of circumstantial variance and into a consistent line for the near future. Experts attribute this positive news to the generally lower crude prices as well as an up and coming manufacturing industry. Regardless, it's looking like less-than-truckload is a sector to look out for.

“Overall, the first quarter of 2017 is looking upbeat from an economic standpoint,” says Wayne Spain, president and COO of Averitt Express, the nation’s 12th-largest LTL carrier. “We’re seeing many positive indicators, including comfortable growth in the months leading up to 2017 and the reaction of markets to the new presidential administration.”