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Calvin Field Named Driver of the Month at National Carriers

Calvin Field has been awarded June Driver of the Month for National Carriers, Inc. A former Nazarene pastor, Field has driven a company truck within the NCI Hide division since August of 201 ... Read More »

What Do Women Want?

I am often asked to explain what issues women in the trucking industry have that are different from men. The answer is, “none.” Every one of the concerns that our members have af ... Read More »

New Proposal Looks to Change How Carriers Report Accidents

Here’s a scenario that has unfolded countless times: a trucker is stopped at a busy intersection awaiting a green light when an inattentive driver rear-ends the truck. For years, truck ... Read More »

A Female Driver's Experience

The mission of Women In Trucking Association is to increase the percentage of women employed in the trucking industry. While we represent all careers in transportation, much of our work focu ... Read More »

10 Celebrities Who Were Once Truckers

These following celebrities, some more famous than others, were all once truckers before making it into show business. And who knows -- they may have even found inspiration while they were o ... Read More »

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