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State Plan Calls for Cleaner Trucks and Engines

A new environmental plan from the state of California may literally change trucking as we know it in the upcoming years. California’s Sustainable Freight Action Plan aims to make effi ... Read More »

Women In Trucking Association partners with Feeding America to address hunger

The trucking industry has always been a place where generosity and empathy are evident. From drivers helping on the roadside to carriers providing supplies for neighborhoods, the spirit of t ... Read More »

How to Survive a Buck-A-Mile Backhauls

By Mark Montague, Industry Rate Analyst, DAT Solutions Four years ago, I wrote a blog post with a catchy title: "The Death of the Buck-A-Mile Backhaul," where I explained that ... Read More »

CSA Controversy Heats Up Again

By Kevin Scullin, DAT CarrierWatch Product Manager, DAT Solutions Controversy over CSA scores heated up again when the FMCSA this week returned BASIC score "absolute measures" to publi ... Read More »

Driver Detention Issue Still Rankles

By Mark Montague, Industry Rate Analyst, DAT Solutions It’s been a few years since I sat in the dispatch chair or listened to a driver tell stories about delivery delays. Seeing the re ... Read More »

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