Would This Perk Convince You to Drive for This Trucking Company?

By: ClassADrivers.com

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

For the past year, trucking companies have been scrambling to find the best truck drivers (hint: they’re registered on Class A Drivers). Companies have offered higher wages, new sign-on bonuses, and tried to renegotiate home time to get drivers sleeping in their own beds more often.

Not much can beat extra money in your bank account, especially in times of absurd inflation and astronomical diesel and gas prices. But one trucking company has a new additional perk, and we want to know – would this idea get you to sign up with Central Florida Transport?

A Drivers’ Advocate

Truck drivers spend a lot of time working. Often a truck driver will spend their day with 14 total hours on-duty, with 11 of those hours being behind the wheel. These allowances of time, dictated by the Hours of Service regulations, mean that drivers don’t have much time for themselves.

One solution that Central Florida Transport came up with seems simple: Hire someone to help out the drivers. A driver’s advocate.

According to Central Florida Transport, the drivers’ advocate can help schedule a driver’s healthcare appointments, help them manage and increase their finances, and also follow up with absent drivers.

Sounds like a personal assistant for truck drivers!

More On Central Florida Transport

Central Florida Transport claims to be “one of the largest aggregate transportation companies in Florida”. Despite the size of the company, they were facing a driver turnover rate approaching 100%. This churn caused the company to search for new innovative ways to keep their drivers.

According to their VP Myron Bowlin, “We wanted to do whatever possible to help solve their problems because we can’t afford to lose any drivers”.

CFT is currently hiring both company drivers and owner-operators.