WIT Announces Most Influential Woman in Trucking

By: ClassADrivers.com

This year, Class A Drivers had the honor of giving a presentation at the Women In Trucking conference for 2019. We focused on how recruiters can help make driving a better job, which will result in less turnover – a problem that plagues the trucking industry.

Thank you to everyone who attended and gave us such a positive response. In addition to presentations like ours, Women in Trucking also gave out their annual award for The Most Influential Woman in Trucking.

Women are still a small percentage of the trucking industry workforce. By highlighting the contributions of one exceptional woman, WIT can hopefully encourage more women to give this profession a try.

During the event, truckers across the nation nominate a variety of lady candidates in the trucking industry. From there,participants vote for the candidate that they felt had the more important impact on the industry.

After the ballot is closed, Women in Trucking tallies up the votes to determine who is this year’s most influential.

About the Women in Trucking Award

Women in Trucking started bestowing the annual award in 2010. Back then, however, it was dubbed the “Salute to Women Behindthe Wheel,” and the award has only gained popularity and prestige since.

Since then, the number of ladies working in trucking has rose from about 4% to a little over 6%. And the six Women in Trucking finalists reflect some of that growth because there are typically only three women nominated for the award.

Now without further ado…

Ruth Lopez Earns the 2019 Most Influential Woman in Trucking

Ruth Lopez works for Ryder as the Transportation Management Director.In this role, Lopez is responsible for managing Ryder teams working in Novi, Michigan, as well as Mexico.

Her influential decisions in the brokerage and logistics divisions have played a key role in the company’s growth over the last 20 years. And somewhere along the way, Lopez even found time to run Ryder’s Women’s Leadership Forum for 3 years.

Ruth Lopez described the nomination as “[U]nexpected but very much appreciated.” She commented, “I’ll take it forward with great pride.”

The position she finds herself in today was not handed to her. Lopez actually had to go out and establish it. Ruth was critical in establishing an entirely new distribution center for her company.

During her acceptance speech, Lopez urged the audience to take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way. And if it does not present itself, make one by asking for a position of responsibility.

Other finalists that made it this year are as follows.

  • Niki Bolton, Executive Projects Officer and Senior Truck Auditor for American Truck & Rail Audits Inc.
  • Kristy Knichel, CEO and President of Knichel Logistics
  • Kellylynn McLaughlin, Schneider Trucker and Trainer
  • Jodie Teuton, VP and Co-Founder of Kenworth, Louisiana division
  • Lidia Yan, NEXT Trucking CEO and Co-Founder